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About                Your Gateway to Affordable Live Entertainment

RapTix® was conceived in the vibrant heart of South Australia with a resolute mission: to rekindle the affordability of enjoying a multitude of concerts year-round. Our dynamic team, spanning the nation and beyond, boasts a formidable presence in major cities. With a profound commitment to excellence, RapTix® holds a coveted New Zealand government-approved promoters license and stands trademarked in Australasia.

Our journey ignited with a simple yet potent aspiration - to eradicate prohibitive booking fees, shipping charges, and other concealed expenses that often deter music enthusiasts. We firmly believe that everyone should have access to extraordinary live performances, and RapTix® offers extraordinary value without compromise.

RapTix® rises above the fray, not only as a trusted ticket outlet but as a certified New Zealand Promoter, an honor earned after rigorous scrutiny by the New Zealand government. This seal of approval signifies our unwavering dedication to integrity and merit, extending the reach of affordable entertainment to New Zealand audiences.

Despite our youth, RapTix® has etched an indelible mark on the entertainment canvas, presenting an impressive tapestry of over 100 shows. In our journey, we've not only hosted renowned artists but also uplifted local talent by providing over 200 emerging acts their first stage time. We are devoted to nurturing the Australian and New Zealand music scenes, actively supporting and bolstering the grassroots talents that enrich our cultural landscape.

Our proven record is underscored by an illustrious lineage of celebrated tours, featuring music icons like KID CUDI, Jurrasic 5, Nicki Minaj, NECRO, Swollen Members, Chris Webby, Merkules, Obie Trice, Madchild, D12, Mac Lethal, and many more.

As we transition beyond our formative years and celebrate the growing RapTix® community, we look forward to an exciting future. With over 6,500 tickets sold directly through RapTix®, we are gearing up for fresh tours, innovative formats, and pioneering membership packages designed to reward our loyal fan base with substantial savings for repeat shows.

Join us in shaping the future of concert experiences, where affordability meets unforgettable live music. RapTix®: Your gateway to a future brimming with boundless excitement, extraordinary talent, and unbeatable value.

Concert Review

Obie Trice 
Neck Of The Woods, Auckland, New Zealand.

Review & Photography by Sarah Kidd.

Concert Review

Jurrasic 5
Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide, Australia

Review & Photography by Tone-Deaf

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