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Join the RapTix team in your city

How do I promote? 🥷

Ready for a unique opportunity to dive into the local music scene, show love to your favorite acts, gain experience the way most of us started, enjoy free access, and even earn a little extra on the side? Your adventure begins here – keep reading

But, what do I need to do? 🦉

Spread the word to your squad, crew, mates, and fam! 😄

We're crafting unique coupon codes for ALL promoters that score your pals a % discount and earn you cash for every ticket sold. Sharing is a breeze—just follow the simple 1, 2, 3 steps to spread your code online.

For those who keep it old school, we've got hardcopies to distribute among your friends, and you'll earn an even higher cut for these.

Promoters operate with zero obligations, no quotas, and we genuinely value your hustle and word of mouth!

Coupons? Tell me more....

Coupons are simple:

1.  You get a unique coupon code aka - "JEFF2024"

2.  Your friends enter it on checkout, they save a % & support both of us.

3.  You get a cut of every coupon wether it's 1 or its 20 people you bring. The database stores each ticket sold using your coupon we tally it up & send it over to you after the shows are settled 🤝.


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