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Who is Raptix?

Hello music enthusiasts! If you're not yet familiar with RapTix®, get ready for a game-changer in the world of live entertainment. We're not your typical ticket outlet – we're your trusted partner in creating memorable live experiences, committed to making your concert adventures both extraordinary and budget-friendly.

📸 Black Ace Media - Madchild Brisbane show - Sold Out.

Imagine a dedicated team based in each & every city in Australia & New Zealand, on a mission to revive the era of affordable concerts. Our aim is simple but powerful: to eliminate unnecessary fees and charges that often accompany ticket purchases. More than just talk, we've earned a prestigious New Zealand government-approved promoters license, proudly trademarked in Australasia.

At RapTix®, we're passionate about breaking down barriers to live music. Say goodbye to hidden fees and expenses – we're here to provide straightforward access to exceptional live performances. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience their favorite artists without financial obstacles.

But there's more to us than meets the eye. We hold the title of a certified New Zealand Promoter, a recognition earned through thorough evaluation by the New Zealand government. This accreditation underscores our commitment to integrity, ensuring that affordable entertainment reaches every corner of New Zealand.

You might wonder, "What sets RapTix® apart?" We're not just a faceless ticketing platform. Despite our relative youth, we've curated over 100 shows, featuring international stars like KID CUDI, Obie Trice and Nicki Minaj, alongside providing a platform for over 200 emerging local acts. We're dedicated to nurturing homegrown talent, supporting the roots that make our music scenes flourish.

Our track record speaks volumes – a history of celebrated tours with artists such as Jurrasic 5, NECRO, and Swollen Members. With over 6,500 tickets sold directly through RapTix®, we're entering a new phase, preparing for more exciting developments.

What does the future hold? Fresh tours, innovative formats, and exclusive membership packages designed to reward our loyal community with savings for repeat shows. Joining the RapTix® community means being an integral part of shaping the future of concert experiences.

Ready to embark on this musical journey with us? RapTix® is your gateway to a future filled with excitement, exceptional talent, and unbeatable value. Let's make some noise – together! 🎶✨

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